Services We Offer


Personal Color Analysis

 Do you know your best colors? When you know your best color palette, you’re guaranteed to look great!  If you’re unsure which colors are right for you, or, it’s been over ten years since you had them done, this 30 minute personal analysis session is for you. It will help you identify your optimum color palette for your clothing, makeup and hair color. Our assessment tools will help you arrive at your most enhancing colors. Shine like a light, don’t hide in the shadows. Find your true colors (and know which ones to avoid) so that you can truly convey the message you want to say to the world.

The Jump Start My Goddess Consultation

This consultation is 90 minutes and will provide you with the essential framework to “jump start” you into gear on your journey to kicking any fashion fears, reach image goals or dispel concerns you may have. This is a full assessment of where you are today and where you’d like to be a week from now. We focus on short-term and long-term goals. We all want changes and we want them quickly. This consultation is for you. We can help you with any challenges or roadblocks to get you to the finish line. We want to help you define your message and help you communicate and ultimately give you the lifestyle you were born to live and in the process getting you to look and feel your best with wardrobe development strategies. We will discuss fabrics, patterns, combinations, capsule ward robing, and accessorizing and hairstyle options. You will receive an attainable wardrobe plan that’s specifically tailored for you.

Makeup Private Instruction & Makeup Color Consultations

Have you ever wanted to create the smoky eye look but don’t know how? Let us help you. We offer personalized instruction lessons that will teach you how to apply makeup and take care of your skin. We all know that our skin is one of the largest organs of our bodies and we need to maintain it to keep it looking healthy and feeling soft.

Personalized Shopping Services

Don’t have the time to go shopping to buy gifts for loved ones?   Our personalized shopping services will take the time off your hands as we do it for you. Just give us the specifics, clothing size, favorite colors  or where they love to shop .  We also can create unique and welcoming gift baskets, corporate and meeting event baskets, cosmetics.  The list is endless.

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